Is self-radiosity possible?

Hello, I’m working on a new idea for a real time shader for games that would fake radiosity and self specularity effects by use of prt’s (6-way light bakes, like “bent normals ++”) and another texture for “reflected color”. Part 1 is done and working: I’m getting pretty accurate outlines of specular self-occlusion on the environment map reflections on shiny chromes on the model; but to color those self-occluded areas something better than black, I need one more bake: A self-radiosity bake. But I can’t seem to persuade Blender to give me one.

The idea is that a part of the model that is blue next to another part that is red, would radio paint areas of the red part blue; and would be radio painted red by the other part in return.
I have 13 material indexes, each with its own color, so the first thing I tried was to make my 13 materials both emissive and receptive; but in the radio baking mode the whole model looks very bright from the start, and when I try to bake I get a white texture mostly.

So the next thing I tried was making a duplicate of the model to serve as light source, and make the original model one single, receptive material.

Here’s a shot of the emissive model:

(Don’t look at the model; just very simple, for testing purposes.)
I actually used Alt-S to inflate it a bit, so the rays would not be occluded before even leaving the surface.
The material indexes are VColLight, Emissive, no shadow buffer, not traceable, non-shadow receiving, have zero ambient, zero alpha, and Shadeless.
I also removed from it the seat, tires, and a few other things that were made of materials too dark to make a difference in real-time radiosity.

The receiver model …

…is made of a single, light gray material; traceable, shadow-receiving, etceteras.

But when I do a bake, after I Add Meshes, Free Radio Data, and I move the result
to another layer…

…after I remove the emissive geometry, I get less than a full radiosity.

Most of my texture bake is black:

Apparently, the emissive mesh covering a part also protects it from emissions by
other parts nearby. I don’t know why, since I made all my emissive materials
non-traceable. Is there a way to make this work?

Update. I managed to sort of brute-force a self-radiation. I selected the emissive mesh, marked sharp, applied the edge split modifier, then I set scaling mode to individual centers, and scaled the polies down to 10% the original size. Here’s the setup:

And here’s the result:

There should be a better way…

Got better results by making the emitters smaller and scaling up the meshes.
The radio tool is still ignoring many of the smaller emitters.

Has nobody ever asked for a self-baking feature? It should be pretty easy to add; basically an ao that instead of using sky color, it fetches the color from a source texture. So, each ray collision results a texture fetch; the values fetched are averaged and written to the output texture.
Now, where was that wiki for feature requests?..