Is shadeless in da house

(rav_bhara) #1

I went on and downloaded this . Shadeless, do u have the blend file for this cus its amazing. I ADVISE ANYONE DOING A FIRST PERSON SHOOTER TO START WITH THIS.

(mainman) #2

hey rav
this is indeed a very nice game,
and I believe I have the .blend file somewhere!
Ill see if I can find it on my comp somewhere…

(Abracsis) #3

yep. I remember that game. It was very nicely set up. it’s a good download if you havent seen it


(mainman) #4

I found it!
I can post it on my website if you like or I can mail it to you if shadeless doesnt want the .blend file on other peoples sites…

(rav_bhara) #5

ahh yes, that would be gr8, my emails [email protected]. Thanx very much !!!

(mainman) #6

doh stupid me, the file is more than 3MB, and my hotmail account doesnt allow sending files over the 1Mb…
so I took the liberty of posting it on my site for a while…
download it here:
this file isnt EXACTLY the same as the full game, I believe, cause its only the demo I think…but the logic bricks and stuff are VERY useful
evrybody check out Shadeless’ other games too, they’re very nice, great modelling and texturing!

and remember–this is NOT my game it’s SHADELESS’ game!!

(rav_bhara) #7

thanx, i got it