Is she Britney?

(VanPelt) #1

She lacks eyes, eyelashes, and has a brand new hairstyle. I’d love to know: Does she remotely look like Britney Spears? I modelled her from photographs, and even if I like the model, I’m not quite sure if it really depicts Britney…
As usual, I welcome all sort of feedback :slight_smile:


(VelikM) #2

I couldn’t tell you if it looks like B. or not, but nice job of modeling!

(Turrin) #3


(acasto) #4

what did you use for the hair? and about birtney, ya, I think the facial structure does match, just the hair throughs it all off. Be real careful when you do the eyes, the eyes are often the main point when it comes to trying to look like someone. they have to protray their personality.

(VanPelt) #5

I used the famous RipSting’s Hair Generator Script to make the hair. Perhaps I can tweak this to match Britney’s but, sadly, making hair is a real pain. I can’t think of a better way to do it. Any ideas?
You’re right, acasto:“Eyes are the mirror of the soul”, they say…


(acasto) #6

About the hair, not really, I’ve been working on ripstings hair generator and grass scripts. That seems to be the only way other than particle hair, which can get really messed up pretty fast. It’s good for short hair without many curves. I’m looking into modifying the hair generator, and possible an external program. I’ve been looking into how they do hair in movies, and it’s usually an external program, for animated moving hair, they use something to control the hair movement and interacting (kind’ve like the armature systems), and for static hair like fur they would use a shader. Then the fur would be painted on during render, which would really bost interactive performance unlike particle or mesh fur which bogs down your system.

(stephen2002) #7

it has a resemblance. The hair is kinda freaky. Not nearly thick enough.

(blengine) #8

i really dont think that looks like britney, but its really good otherwise… great modeling and texturing

(ChooDaddy) #9

who cares about the head… MODEL THE BODY :smiley:


Looks great… if your not going to animate, maybe you’d be better of adding the hair in photoshop or gimp. it really takes away from the great modelling and texturing you’ve done when one part doesn’t look as good.

(MoreK) #10

No, she does not look like Britney to me… But it’s a good model and I really would like to know how did you do textruring? Also, could you render wireframe for us too… please… ?

(VanPelt) #11

Hmm… Hair is a hairy business :smiley: I’ll see if I can try different techniques for it, some should work. Will add eyes, too.

I made the head with a subsurf, set it at 2 subdivs, converted to standard mesh, exported as DXF into LithUnwrap ( to assign UV coordinates, saved as OBJ and the map from there, imported the OBJ in Blender and applied the UVmap. I rendered a wireframe pic:

Hope it’s what you need, MoreK.


(acasto) #12

Wow, very clean mesh layout. My first face was/is a mess with things not being symmetric, then when I would have to subdivide a quad I would end up with tri which I would try and convert back to quads. What did you start off with for it, I started mine with a plane, then just built down around the contours of the background picture by extruding.

(VanPelt) #13

I followed a rather similar procedure: I placed a photo of Ms Spears in the background and traced the contour of the eye with a polyline, then extruded it to form the eyelids, and continued extruding to make the rest of the face, tweaking the points all along. Shame I didn’t place a sphere as a guide for the eyes, now they don’t fit the eyesockets… :frowning:


(VanPelt) #14

Before trying harder other ways, I made a quick composite of my Britney-wannabe model over the real Britney. What do you think?


(acasto) #15

OMG…I’m gonna have nightmares. Well, I think you beat the scary fish in the CJ. Your freaking me out…it’s what she would look like in resident evil…lol

Good work, it looks good.

(Stungun) #16

i like the model

but you can see the compositing picture clearly shows the model
needs some more color, so try working on the textures

(Vidigiani) #17

Am I the only one who can’t seem to access the links? :frowning: I keep getting “the file is unavailable”.

(sten) #18

I don’t think the model ressembles Britney at all…

but sure it is indeed very nice modeling !!! :smiley:


(sten) #19

drag the URL-link from address field down into
the web browser window…GeoCite sucks !!!


(Vidigiani) #20

Thanks ztonzy! That is really wierd :stuck_out_tongue: I must agree with you about Geocities :).

The model looked very nice! But not a lot like Britney AFAIK… Though I don’t pay much attention to her :stuck_out_tongue: