Is sketching is a must for character modelers ?

i want to be a character modeler…

my drawing skills are ok

but i havenot taken proper concept art or taken sketching seriously

is it must for me ?

and i am self learner …

and i am the industry because of the blender:) and now workin with max:(

(management demands for that)

Hi there,

I can speak from experience on this one. I’ve learnt a lot of my character modelling skills from self taught/experimentation.

Short answer, sketching is not necessary for 3D, particularly in a large team with a concept artist.

Long answer, it will really, really help, both in solid planning out and a quick way to get a feel for different details before you actually commit to anything overly time consuming in the actual 3D. I used to ignore the value of concept art, or at least throw a few quick sketches together. Now I put much more effort into the 2D planning, and you get much more of a confidence the character will work because you’ve seen it before you even start making it. Even if someone else created the concept art, having personal skills in 2D will help you mentally translate their images into models. Finally, most 2D skills such as composition, forms, etc etc. transfer in some way into 3D knowledge. I’ve just started looking at some anatomy drawing books and the like, and thats already helping my work.

So look into drawing more if you can, it will help your work I can assure you.

Hope that helps.

And also, I don’t know many (actually any) people that can “draw” in a natural way using a touchpad or mouse. Its just more natural to use a pencil. Because of this its often easier to draw a particular 2D shape by hand then on a computer. You get a more accurate idea of what you want, and that will translate into a better model (or a model that fits better with your idea).

Couldn’t agree more having an understanding of form and flow on paper will definitely help you only need to do about 20 minutes a day to see a noticeable improvement, but draw from life rather than your head to practice your skills.

A good way to do this is if your travel to school/work on a bus or by train draw the people on the bus/train or waiting for it, you might feel a bit self conscious first off but after a while you get into it.

Good luck and here is a site i quickly googled a that might help you.

I don’t really have drawing skills. And I haven’t really used any scetches yet. But right now I came to a project where it seems that I’m really going to have to.
By the way about why I quoted what you said.
It is surely harder to draw with a mouse…not to mention a touchpad. But you can get sensing boards that either work by sensing a magnetic pencil (don’t think that’s too much of a help) or that sense pressure. I advise a pressure senser. I’m not quite sure how much those cost. But if you want to transfer drawings to computers I would advise that. Otherwise you either have to buy a scanner or have to take pictures with a camera…:confused:
Personally I’m thinking of buying a pressure sensor. Come to think about it you could use touchpad for this reason, but I don’t think those would give precise information of how strong you are pressing thus they wouldn’t work for shading.

thanks a lot for your invaluable comments blender heads :wink:

thanks once again