is someone selling blender on ebay?

its the blender froger game …

This is very sad if true. i dont have the money to check it out and give him bad feedback if true, can snyone else confirm it?

uhh, haven’t see seen stuff like this before?

wasn’t the general sentiment before that the best we could do is complain about copyright violations of the images used, and advise that they be more clear what they are selling…

%| the guy didnt even bother to edit out the “Blender” title bar

haha…been there 2 days and ZERO bids :wink:

well…who want to buy such game when better ones exist for free?

What gets me is the guy has got zero negative feedback … never mind.

would be fun to buy it and just give the url to blender in his feedback if only i had a job.

(anyone need there lawn mowed)

lol there was some other guy selling blender+gimp + some other stuff on e-bay. he named it 3d studio max :-s and he also had a website where he sold the stuff lol. it was a big thread about it on the off topic some months ago

Actually, one of the screenshots is an old solidworks demo file, the snowmobile. Comes with Java VM! What does that mean? Funny.


That is soooooo obviously positively definitely blender [!] :x [!] lol he didn;t even cut out the word blender int he top of the image.