Is something wrong with the bug tracker?

I can view the bug tracker just fine until I log in. Once I log in I can’t even view the page, let alone log a bug. I just get an error message in my browser.

This is so strange, since the tracker is obviously working, it’s like once it knows who I am, it blocks me from seeing the page…

Is it me? Am I a bad person? :slight_smile:

Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a solution?


For nearly a year i was unable to have my registration took in account by the tracker.
Everytime i logged in, it refused.

Until someone on this board told me to type my user name using only lower case character.
And then it worked.

Is that the same problem as you ?

No, it let’s me log in. I’ve submitted bugs in the past, and even now I can browse the rest of the site and even view my personal account page. It’s just that when I’m logged in, I get an error loading the tracker page. The error resembles the kind of error you get when you are not connected to the internet. So it’s not some kind of error that the blender server is sending me.

There seems to be something wrong. I’ve reported a Bug yesterday, now i get mail about every opened Bug and Discussions. Don’t mind to much but like 40-50 Mails since yesterday.

As well 2.6 Bug Tracker just empty white Site.

Someone Fix this, or at least shut off the Mails?

When you log in to the bug tracker, go to My Account in the top right of the page.
In Account Maintenance, see if you have every email preference in the bottom of the page turned off.
If they’re turned on, maybe that’s why you’re recieving all the mail reports.

I noticed on my mail account, the only mails i recieve about reports are the one in which i either reported or posted a comment.

Then click on “My Personnal Page” and see if it is reporting that you are monitoring the trackers , remove yourself from monitoring them in case it is the source of the email spam.

Well, Mails are turned on, but they’re turned on since 2010 and i just got Mails after i reported a bug yesterday… (left them on)

Strange thing: It didn’t say in my Personal Page - Monitoring On - but on Bug Tracker Site Monitoring was on… (my fault, i clicked it apparently)

on: -> [Blender 2.6 Bug tracker] links to:
which is empty blank site, a second ago and this morning -> now it works.

so it seems to work (again?). One last annoying thing is i get constantly redirected to 2.4x Bug Tracker. (Have to take care when/why this happens, might be just not updated Link)