Is switching a GTX 650 Ti for a GTX 550 Ti a good deal for Cycles?

I’m seriously considering this. I’ve got a friend who is interested in buying my 650 Ti for almost the original price, which is enough to buy a 550Ti. My question is, how much of a performance difference is there, taking in mind that it’s mainly for rendering and only ocasional gaming, and I don’t really play shooters.

It would make more sense to get a 560Ti, but money is an issue…

Hi, the GTX 550 Ti 2 GB DDR5 is about 20% faster than a GTX 650Ti but may you get a used GTX 560Ti for the money.
I got my GTX 560Ti 448 Cores for 140€, only 1.28 GB Vram but ~ fast as a GTX 570!

Cheers, mib.

I went on ebay, and seeing the prices made me seek a 570, which I heard is great for Cycles. By the way this is what I found…

I’m not really sure about it… the price is very good (even shipping) but it says it’s from China and is refurbished. Refurbishing sounds really good, but I wonder if it was refurbished for selling or it was because there was some problem… :spin:

EDIT: I found one in Germany, although a tad more expensive. It would actually be a good idea to wait 'till grades arrive, since my budget depends on that, but I always do a terrain check… The point of this thread is to have some feedback on what’s the card that’s best for rendering at an interesting price.