Is talking about Cryptocurrency (as form of payment) frowned upon on this website?

So I’ve had two messages auto-flagged now and i cant figure out for the life of me why?!

Is talking about cryptocurrency as a form of payment to fellow animators illegal? hahaha surely not, that would be kinda weird and nonsensical i think? and…a little wrong if you ask me. Trying to stop communication towards trade between animation artists on a blenderartist website? Would be keen to know whats going down?

Both of them are visible in our Flag system, give me 5 minutes, i’ll look into it.

cheers, sorry i’ve re worded it flagged not blocked. Thanks for the clarification.

The system should not flag users for posting links, unless in cases where they are new users, and the system suspects them for being spambots. But this is not the case for either of you, and i cannot find any inappropriate words in either of the flagged comments.

Sorry for the inconvenience, this is definitely a case where the system made a mistake, which is rare.

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@bartv Perhaps you could look into it? These are the two comments that got flagged by the system, and neither of them were “New Users”

I added some crypto related words to the watchlist as there was an increase in crypto spam recently. Those messages will be flagged for moderation.

ah yep, makes sense. Gotta keep those spammers at bay!