Is the Asus EeePC right for me?

Hello, I am trying to decide what laptop to get before the school semester starts. I used to have an Acer Aspire 5050, but I sold it on eBay after a financial blip.

I work fine using my desktop at home and workstation at work. During class, I will need to give the instructor my full attention, and more often then not there are desktops for every chair. So I don’t need a laptop.

However, I might want a small Asus EeePC - like thing. It would be something to check email, websites, and do a little programming with on the go. Perhaps I’d like to do some modeling on it, so it will have to have basic 3d capabilities. This system will need to be easy to travel abroad with, but it does not need to be nearly as powerful as the desktops I use.

Has anyone tried to run Blender or an old game like Unreal with the Asus? And if so, how well did it run? Feel free to suggest other laptops that might work out, but I prefer answers from people who know for sure.

The EEE pc is definitely awesome, and a good choice for you. I’ve seen people running Half Life 2 at around 25 fps in slow areas, but the fps drops a bit low, but still playable when more action is around. It definitely has enough 3d capabilities for some simple Blendering and programming. Running Linux on it will also be faster than running XP, but if you really must use Windows, it works nearly as good. Also it looks awesome.

And yes I have seen them up close, and I have used them before. They are handy, more powerful than you would think, and really really small!

Thankyou Sebbonaparte, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. I have HL2, do you know if this will run on Xandros?

I’ve only really seen it run on the XP version, but it may be possible to get it running on Xandros. Watch this video for a demo on XP.

As for running it on Xandros, you would need to install WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator), to get that running. Beware though, Asus does warn that you will break your OS if you install WINE, since it is a true Debian package, and since Xandros is a modified fork of Debian, problems may occur. You could try it out if you want to, but read through these instructions carefully, . You would probably be better off installing Debian or Ubuntu if running WINE and windows applications through Linux is important to you.

the original ut? that is an old game and had excelent scalability. you could run the game on a 386 pc without a graphics card with sheer software renedering. it would be harder to find a pc that wouldn’t run ut than to find one that would. ut is not a good benchmark, it will run on most computers that blender would crash on.pda’s and some cellphones are powerful enough to run ut99.

The Asus EEE, is an excellent little machine. Small & cheap enough not to feel worried of it getting bashed about a bit.

It easily has enough grunt to run Blender and a variety of games. Though with it’s small keyboard & monitor it’s not the best for anything serious. For casual gaming it’s very good, I recommend Crack Attack. :slight_smile:

I thought I’d update this ancient thread now that I’ve finally got a laptop.

I came very close to buying an eePC 900 16gb. What ruined the deal for me is how hard it was to type on such a small keyboard… and the slowness. It would lock up for about a second with Firefox 3 after each page loaded. But yeah, I’ll admit it was running Windows XP…

I was going to get another Acer for about $500 or so, but I got lucky and bought a laptop off a friend who needed the money (for the same price I would have spent on that shit Acer laptop).

It’s an HP TX1000, what’s even cooler is that I was the one who set it up for him after he originally got it about a year ago. It came with Vista, but I fixed that! It runs Windows XP now. The drivers were really hard to find though, and it’s still missing a couple unnecessary drivers but it runs fine. I have not doubt Ubuntu will run fine on it, it’s hardware is not exactly exotic.

AMD Turion X2 64 1.9ghz, 3gb of Ram, 160gb of HD space, Nvidia 6150 Go, DVD RAM, and some other things. (and only 4 pounds)

HP is still selling a newer version of it called the TX2000, which has a touch screen and an optimized design (no bulky battery jutting out the back).

Here is a review of my laptop. note, that specific model has a touch screen and a remote, my specific model does not