Is the b-bone with segments good enough for character rigging?

Hello everyone!

Just a small question about character rigging : I really love the b-bone feature with segments for arm/shoulder setup because it avoids a lot of problems for hands rotations deformations and deltoids constraints, and it makes the skinning easier than using a long chain of bones. But I see no one used that in character rigging tutorials I watched. Maybe there is a reason for that, is that something wrong about b-bone I could not be aware of that makes it quite useless? For me it’s a very good idea of bones in Blender! :smiley:

The problem with b-bone for me is that when you lay it out with careful attention to overall bone roll, some times it will not come out aligned to other bone chain as it should. It tends to roll on you. Other times when you mirror the bone chain left to right, you end up with rolled bone on the other side! It is kind of out of control.