Is the banished one still among us?

Is it just me, or does a certain newbie seem a bit familiar?

well at least point somebody :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry no can do.

I don’t think so, but one of the guys at the seems to be :stuck_out_tongue:
</tin foil hat>

Stop throwing us off the scent. Modron you are he. I noticed you turned up the same time he left.

I have had my thoughts about this for a while, but this re-enforces the fact I think you’re him.

No disrespect meant if I have this wrong and you’re not, none intended just what I think. :wink:

Mind you, you do post a lot of 3D, where as he did not.


lol! no dude, I am not he, I swear. Word of honor, honest injun, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

im cubefan :stuck_out_tongue:

No, intrr is cubefan! :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m cubefan and so is my wife…

The other day, while In the video store, I saw the sequel to Cubie’s signiture movie Cube 2 “Hyper Cube”. I was tempted to rent it on account of him. Somehow I was able to resist.

I don’t know if we are talking about the same guy, but yes!!!

I think he is around…

Even if I’m wrong and the person I’m suspecting, is “innocent”, I have no doubt that he was always with us, all the time…

As long as we remember set individual, the banished one will always be among us… And while we’re pointing fingers…


He is watching us I’m sure. But I don’t think he’s here. I will alert you if he drops me a line (as he has in the past. A flame and a couple apologies)

While he is in our memories we will always be under the dark shadow that is, CUBEFAN!
Sorry, I’m in a dramatic mood today

can you at least give us a hint to who he is? :stuck_out_tongue:

WHOA!!! I just noticed that modron has over 4000 posts, and he only came here last year!!! 20 posts a day?! wow. :o

I knew someone had to say that.

Must try and get that movie on DVD.


Who cares, if he shows up and starts to piss all over, the mods will take care of it.

If he’s here, and he’s behaving himself, I see no reason to get rid of him.

I reckon he wery well might be here, but as long as he’s not starting to act funny again, I don’t mind. I think the AmbiProj (or something like that) was him, did any other got that impression?

On a side note, Dittohead, is your avatar a some sort of response to mine? :wink: (it is Ronnie, isn’t it?)

quit speculating. i have 15 posts a day, 'cause i love Elysiun!

{you are like, “how would you know, u joined march 15…”}

well, i forgot the password to my other name i had, left it for a couple of months, and forgot. i was a monkey :frowning:
<agrif, i know what you are thinking…>
anyway, If in the event that cubefan…i shudder when i hear his name… returns, i am sure timothy will ban him

remember…he had over 1,000 posts in 1 week!!! i couldn’t do that if i tried…well maybe…anyway…if he shows up, it’ll be obvious.

even if he shows up again, and doesnt spam all the time…then who cares? Just like what dittohead said


oh, and another thing…dittohead, your new picture sucks

i miss the kitty/ball