Is the FGLRX driver for Ubuntu as bad as some say?

I have a laptop with ATI Radeon™ HD 3200 graphics, And I used Ubuntu around a year ago.

The default driver that came with Ubuntu didn’t work too well for me. I had bad selection lag and made it unusable. I think the lag only happened with 2.49 though, But was fine with 2.5.

I installed the FGLRX driver from the hardware drivers thing in Ubuntu, And everything was fine with 2.49. Only problem I had was when I had a video fullscreen in my web browser, And then minimized it. It would give a quick messed up looking flash before it minimized. Can’t remember what it looked like, Though.

I’m thinking of going back to Ubuntu as my Windows is messed up, And I’d rather not have to wait to save up to shell out $200 for the full ver. of Win 7 to reinstall. And I was wondering what the current situation with FGLRX is?. Any problems currently?.

I’d be using 2.5 by the way.