Is the File to Big or is Blender just to slow

Just looking for a little guidance.

I am just now getting involved in this photogrammetry and as we know the files are quit large. I am importing an .OBJ file from Meshroom and from the import to any other click there is lag.

Being new I am trying everything to speed it up, I thought deleting large parts of the file would help, but there is no clear way that I can delete from my import. I would like to speed this process up.


1- Please what is the easiest way to delete a large amount of data from the image? (example = counter top around a coffee cup. Or maybe grass around a concrete pad that has a statue on it. Or part of a cloud that was mistakenly brought into the photogrammetry process?

2- SPEED… baby SPEED. “ I am using the process B to choose area then X to delete vertex, I rotate around to make sure to get as much as I can but with the lag there is 5-10 sec wait between clicks.

I saw a video once where a female used a plane to remove everything under it or to the left of it, thought that might work best but can not seem to find that video again. There is just so much out there as far a tutorials just so confusing.

Please help

First off… welcome aboard!

Photogramatry comes up with huge meshy files. That’s a given.
Once you load these into Blender it may well slow down.
Now there are a few ways round this… for example, you may notice that if you can move around in object mode OK, but when you go into edit mode for a mental mesh then everything slows to a halt.

Now it sounds like the female in the lost tutorial is using booleans:

The thing is - the is the best way to slow Blender to a halt that has ever existed… however…

Right, I would do some experimenting with some low-poly models first so you know how booleans work before you open up your mental mesh…

Basically, the trick would be to use the boolian once… so you allready set up- the cube that your going to use to cut stuff off the mesh (and set it’s view option to “wire” on object settings so you can see what your doing) Then you add the boolean mod to your mesh - then you set the boolean mode to “difference” (I’m guessing it’s a difference you’ll be using) … and only after that do you get the eyedropper and click on your boolean cube (other shapes exist). Then you wait ten mins, and then click “apply”.

Thank you for that, I will try it. Do you have any other ideas that might help me?

for very large mesh data
may be use MeshLab to do some of the basic things
which is faster then doing it in blender

also can cut you big mesh in several parts then import with smaller meshi in blender if possible

for normal machine blender begins to be sluggish if you got more then around 2 millions verts

and boolean on large mesh is very slow

happy bl

So I could import into mesh lab than remove everything except for the statue/coffee cup, then bring it into Blender to do the detail work?