is the game kit book good for learn about game Scripting ??

Hi, I really need to learn “everything” about scripting for game engine cause I hate those “logic bricks”

I have done some first attemps using only python and feel that it is too much better. But can’t find information about it (not much at all)

So, about my question… is this book good for learn about scripting?? … or… any other you know ???

Thanks in advance

BTW. I have downloaded a quite interesting quantity of games from the “list” posted here in elysiun, i’ve learned a lot but… need mooooore!!!

thanx again

I got the book and learnt a lot about scripts and logic bricks from it. Not the definite resource, thou. You will need some more reference material. Some of it is on the web.

Thanks for your answer Rangel

That’s what i mean … Let me try to explain
i’m having trouble finding info about (classes or modules, don’t know yet)

import math for example …ok i do import but then …what??

syntax, functions, commands, expressions ???

i’m trying to use just one logic brick (keyboard) to get the key pressed by code, and i get [[97, 1]] when i press “a” key using getCurrentlyPressedKeys()

but then i can’t use this values to make something happen, for the moment just print “hello world” could be fine. I’ve tried any combination possible but no results at all.

It’s frustrating and time consuming cause i don’t have the information required to do the work

Thanks again

To have a Logic Brick trigger a Python Script:

  1. Type the script at Blender´s text panel. Write down the name of the script, like
  2. Connect the sensor logic brick to a Python Controller and type the name of your script there.

Thanks Rangel but… i have made this steps already

i got this [[97, 1]] value after running the script, but i don’t know how to “use” this values to trigger a new event

Note: It is interesting that you can have two values [[97, 1]] and [[97, 3]] which correspond to “pressed” and “un/pressed” states (those values are for “a” key)