Is the grid spacing functional in 2.81?

A bit of a dumb one here, but my viewport grid doesn’t seem to respond to changes in the panel at all, the number of subdivisions is greyed out. Have I cocked something up or is this a known issue?

With new 2.8 design, Grid in User View of viewport became infinite. Its scale is supposed to be coherent according to units scale. Text indications have to be coherent, too.
And maybe it could be replaced by an increment setting.

So, to clearly obtain those things, developer temporarily disabled subdivisions setting.

That setting will probably stay as is in 2.81.

Hmm. That’s sort of annoying. Snapping to my chosen grid size is slower and less accurate when there are a bunch of other snapping options in between.

With the previous system I could choose odd subdivisions like 3 or 7 as well.

Well look at me. I’ve become a Blender old-timer in a few months.

Back in my day, grids were grids! Humbug!

Setting scene properties -> units -> unit system to none instead of imperial or metric enables grid subdivision.