Is the lamp hidden by default ?

Hello, I am a beginner using Blender 3D, and I want to know if the lamp can be
made to be visible by default?

Is there an option to do this somewhere ? I know that I can select the lamp in the
right hand panel and it will become visible, but it will disappear if I select anything else
in the scene.

I would like to be able to create a new default scene, and have the lamp visible
instead of being hidden.

Thank you for any help any one can offer

It’s not hidden by default. Sounds like you have graphics issues there.

JA12 Thanks for your reply, but I have no issues with the graphics, I decided to uninstall Blender 2.67b and try 2.67 and the lamp is no longer hidden, so I am guessing this could be a bug in release 2.67b