is the macbook good for media creation?

I want a new computer and I’m almost definitely not going to use windows again, vista just hogs to much power. i would really like a mac but the macbook pro is too expensive. right now i have a computer with…
-1.4 mhz procssing(intrel inside i think)
-512mb of ram
-55gb harddrive
it works for me most of the time although sometimes it freezes up or closes the program. will the macbook with its

  • 2.0mhz
    -1gb ram
    -80gb hardrive
    run stuff like blender, gimp/photoshop and pinical studio with leapord OS and not freeze up? also is the included video editor any good?

If its power over price, and you want both, get a PC with Linux on it. Or just a PC, then put Linux on it.

It is always much cheaper to build a computer from scratch. And by cheaper I mean half the price! And since PCs are half the price of Macs, that makes a PC built from scratch a fourth of the price, and just as powerful!

have you ever used linux? it can be verry stable for a fraction of the price of a mac. only problem is a lack of apps like photoshop

I switched to Mac OS X about a year ago and now have a 17" iMac, 15" MacBook Pro and aging Windoze / Linux box in my studio. The biggest limitation of the MacBook (and the reason I went with a MacBook Pro) is the graphics card (it’s pretty wimpy). If you don’t need a notebook, pick up a 17" iMac. Its a great machine and has the same graphics as the MacBook Pro, but at half the price.

I’m a big fan of Linux (have used Ubuntu and a couple other Debian builds for years now). The biggest problem with Linux is a) lack of commercial applications and b) lack of hardware drivers. If you can live with Blender, GIMP, and whatever other Open Source apps you can find, Linux is a great OS (and in some ways better than OS X, at least IMHO).

Not that there’s a huge selection of apps for OS X, but at least in video / graphics development, the selection is pretty decent. A copy of iMovie HD came with both my Macs, but to be honest, I haven’t given it a try yet. I wouldn’t say that OS X is “crash free”, but it’s been pretty close. That plus not having to bog down my machine with virus scanning apps and the like. Overall, I’m pretty happy with OS X, but with a bit of effort and assuming I didn’t need anything that wasn’t available, I could probably be just as happy with Linux.

i just don’t know if im ready to use a fend for yourself OS. I consider myself a computer geek but iv never done any coding ec… you can run linux on a macbook right? ya you must be able to. so maybe il get a macbook then switch to ubuntu studio later.

You don’t need to know coding to use Linux! That’s a lie spread to make people shy away from a perfectly good and easy to use operating system!

The next person who says that you need to know how to code to use Linux should die a horribly painful non-death. And live forever in complete agony.

Sorry if you misunderstood me, but I wouldn’t recommend switching to Ubuntu if you get a Mac. By doing this you defeat one of the best things about Mac + OS X, and that’s it’s tight hardware integration / support.

No, I only mentioned Linux because IMHO it makes a decent, less expensive substitute for OS X. You don’t need to know any programming (although knowing a few “shell” commands will be helpful when digging into hardware drivers, etc.) and in many ways it’s easier (again IMHO) to use / maintain than Windows. This coming from a guy who’s used Windows since the 80’s.

About a year ago I tried to switch entirely to Linux and really learned to love some of its features (internet security, multiple desktops, OS stability, etc). The only thing that kept me from staying with Linux is that some of the applications that I -have- to use are either not available for Linux, or won’t run under Linux through WINE. Otherwise, I’d still be using Linux as my primary OS today.

Mac OS X is really a compromise in some respects (IMHO), it has bundled the “ease of use” that Microsoft promises with Vista but doesn’t deliver, with a subset of benefits of Linux.

ok i see…ok