Is the new heart feature emotionally awkward to you?

I’m getting the hang of the new site, but a small thing is getting to me: Whenever I like a post, my option for expressing that like seems to be the heart. I’m a fairly open minded guy, but every time I look at it, I feel like it’s almost flirting if I use it. I know it’s not, of course, it’s all silly things in my head, but it feels a bit awkward to get a complicated and thorough answer to a hard technical question and then basically answer back wth an XOXO. Is BA trying to sneak in a dating forum??

I should not be posting when I’m this tired…

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No, you shouldn’t. But since you did, I’ll say that your comment makes a little sense.

Hovering over the heart icon shows a tooltip that says “like this post”, not ‘love this post’. ‘Like’ is usually symbolized by a ‘thumbs up’ icon.

Maybe the admins wanted to avoid similarities to The Facebook paradigm?

Maybe the sharing aspect of open-source software makes this community a little more appreciative, and also more emotionally expressive? (The Blender folks think we’re breathtaking just for downloading the app.)

Maybe it’s just the default, or only, option in the Discourse forum software?

Either way, I’m liking your post… with a heart. (But no hugs n kisses!)


Twitter uses a heart, Instagram uses a heart. It’s also the default for Discourse, so we’re not ‘trying to sneak in a dating forum’.


In French when we like something we say ‘‘coup de coeur’’ meaning we have a crush on something and it could be art or anything else!

Coeur is heart in French.

So in my opinion it is very nice to have it this way!


Maybe I just have to be better connected to my emotions. It’s the new millenium (has been for two decades), maybe spreading the love is isn’t a bad idea. Even if it feels a bit awkward :-p

That tongue smiley, btw, was translated by the forum as “non-potable water”. This place is getting weeeeiiiird :smiley:

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I think you’re way over thinking it. :slight_smile:

In context to the situation, it’s just a button that; Thanks someone for help, shows your agreeance with someone’s POV, or simply acknowledges that you’ve read a response to you.

Now if you think that’s awkward, consider that tongue smiley you used for a moment. Go ahead and stick your tongue out at some stranger the next time you’re in public… Aaawkwaaard.


Perhaps not as open as you think… :two_hearts: :wink:


Hence, ‘fairly’, sugarplums :wink:


Love where this thread is going… I’m gonna give hearts to everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I absolutely agree with you …
You should not be posting when you’re this tired!

If it is the Discourse default I bet there’s been some significant market research done on this particular UX issue. Maybe check with the Discourse team for some data on this.