Is the ratings system worth it, your thoughts.

Okay, just to say, I know people can use the ratings to find good works, but here’s my thoughts on it.

From what I see all it’s doing to me is making me angry and heavily jealous of practically every artist who even gets a rating, why, because they have higher ratings regardless if they used Blender for a few months, or they made it over 2 hours, I’ve even gotton ratings that were the same as images with big flaws on purpose or weren’t even really made in Blender, what’s up with all this, I find this very unfair, it’s become such I have become reliant on made up superstition to hope for higher ratings. I know people say it’s crap, but at least change it to a more fair system or add a system where the ratings are more focused on the pic. the style, and the artistic qualities.

That is all, I’d like to hear your thoughts. Please don’t flame me for this, I just need to speak out what I feel about the ratings and what it tries to do to me. I think it could use an overhaul because I went to an actual gallery with some of my work and the gallery master agreed it was art, even one recent one many here dismissed it was nothing more then playing with buttons.

The rating system’s good (could be better, but I’ll leave that part out). You just felt like you had to complain about the ratings that have been given to your work, which you consider unfair.

I don’t know how the system can be changed to something “focused on the pic. the style, and the artistic qualities” (how does that work?), but even if something like that happend there will always be a) people who will give you low ratings because it’s you and they want to piss you off, and b) people who will give low ratings because the image needs a lot of work to look good…which will piss you off anyway.

I say, work more on your concepts before even thinking of firing up Blender. Think of little details that aren’t generated with particles/textures/modifiers. Try to make better use of what you know instead of testing new features to see if “these volumetric clouds look good”. Think of color palettes, think of where each object will go. Think, then do, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see one or two more stars in addition to the ones you usually get.

I say one thing, my ratings aren’t higher or lower no matter how hard I try to make an image good or how long I work on it. And I’ve gotton so many low ratings and so many other members get good ratings it’s not even funny.

All it does is make me jealous of other members because I can never get a higher rating then any of them, by the time I get one of the higher ratings on the page pigs will have sprouted wings and fly.

The rating system is fine the way it is. All you need to do is learn the difference between complaint and critique:
Your words from your first post in Brass Dragon and Flag thread:

I had to go back to it since there was so much complaining about the origional.



Learn the difference and your troubles will be over.

The Ratings are not absolute. The Forums are set up so that you can get help and advice in the WIP Forum, then move on to the Focused Critique Forum for real, unbiased critique, and only then move on to display the finished work in Finished Projects Forum. I’ve read your reason(s) for going straight to the Finished Projects and maybe you should re-evaluate them? If you’re not prepared to take input from the user community then you should think of displaying your work somewhere where viewers don’t give any input?

For the benefit of others reading this, the Ratings System won’t undergo any change until someone submits an acceptable alternative, or at least a proposal that can be thrashed out until it’s acceptable.