Is the realtime engine really worth to work with...?

(S_W) #1

I’ve just tried some other free game engines (yes I was weak! :wink: ) and I found out:

Put them in the trash can!

The good old realtime engine, even without all those particle and shadow systems and I don’t know what features, has the best quality of a free engine I’ve ever seen!
I’m very interested to hear some other opinions as well. :slight_smile:

(Vidigiani) #2

Have you tried the Quake II or Quake III game engine? I think they are both free if you send them your source code. Otherwise I think QII is like $1,000 (or was that $10,000) and Quake III is like $500,000. QIII will go down when Doom3 comes out no doubt… speaking of which, that will be the first game engine that implements bump mapping that I am aware of… its going to be SOOOO cool :slight_smile:

(S_W) #3

Yes I’ve tried them, but I didn’t know that they are free if you send them your source code…?

(S_W) #4

I just had a look at some doom 3 screenshot…WOW! I’m not sure whether these pics are rendered or realtime :wink:

(Vidigiani) #5

I heard a GeForce with 64 MB of SDR ram is a minimum to run Doom 3… and thats at 320 x 200 :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t be surprised if that will be the quality in the game considering the requirements for the system!

(Vidigiani) #6

Regarding the free thing… read their licensing page. Its a cool proposal, but at the same time, most people don’t want to give all their hard work to a company so they can turn around and take the cool ideas :slight_smile:

(S_W) #7

thank you! I’ll read it :wink:

(blengine) #8

i think the realtime version is definitely woorth using and learngin…if your seriosu about making games and can be patient and stick to it, blenders realtime editor is easy enough to use and pretty powerful…its worth a shot

(cluh) #9

while it isn’t as powerful as other engines, it is definatly more versitial.

(Pooba) #10

I really do like the Blender game engine and I think it’s great. Easy to use, relativlely fast, and fun. Though it’s not as good as other game engines, for a free engine at the beginning of development it’s VERY good.

PS - Why didn’t you have a Yes, it is in the poll?


(IngieBee) #11

Again, the poll needs a yes button. I’m no professional, and never will be, but I found the real time engine to be a total gas. I’ve had so much fun with it. Also, I could see it being used for Architectural walk throughs. Blender is really easy to use that way, and it’s a shame it hasn’t been looked at by such people. I think there could have been great interest there. But they (the architectural community) arn’t aware of Blender.

I’d vote yes, definately if there were an option :slight_smile:


(gargola) #12

i agree with IngieBee…why only one option? and yes worth it.and if they ever get the realtime engine out of blender,i’ll kick their butts!!! he he! just kidding! :smiley:

(Hos) #13

I think no means yes here – although the poll looks negative the
post that accompanies it seems positive (could be something
got lost in the translation from German).


(ilac) #14

Who changed the poll?
There was a yes option and it had the majority of votes last tme I saw it, so a 100% ‘no’ vote is untrue. Ignore it. Somebody is messing around.

(S_W) #15

I don’t know how it could be changed :-? , anyway I’ve added the Yes option again.

(bmax) #16

doom3’s gonna be so kick ass!! it has fractal textures and stuff, and thats just way cool! its the first engine at like all features you can think of, although doom and doom II were really good games too… :wink:

Imagine having those kinda features in the blender game engine?!! woohoo!! 8)

Tom (the dreamer :frowning: )