is the texture paint tool broken in OSX?

hello, i have two issues

  1. can anyone point me to a tutorial or even some official documentation (a recent one) which explains how to use the texture paint tool.

  2. on OSX i’ve been trying in vain to get the thing to paint. i am in face mode, the little pencil button is pressed, everything appears to be ready to go in texture paint mode and all but instead of painting it just selects the color i click on.

can anyone give any tips on the texture paint tool/texture paint mode working blender? i’ve searched and come up with nothing. apparently there was a something listed in the tutorials section but it is a dead link now.


You need to paint with the right mouse button.

if only it were that simple :wink:

okay let me walk through it and if someone can tell me what i am missing it would b really helpful.

-i make a cube.
-i enter face mode (the f key while in object mode) and layout the uvs of the cube the way i want them.
-in the uv/image editor i select an image from my drive that i want to paint on as the texture its a 256x256 targa file.
-i click the little pencil icon
-i have the Image Paint window open
-i try to draw on the image that i see in the UV editor window

nothing happens
neither with the left nor the right mouse button

i am sure i’m just missing something…


there are two texture paint buttons. one is in your popup menu on your header, along with other modes, like weight paint, object mode, etc., and the other one is on the header of your UV window. you need to have that one pressed to paint in the UV editor, and the other one pressed to paint in the 3D window.

after some confusion
it works!
thank you Modron and diz for your guidance :slight_smile:
hope i can help you out someday when i get better at this!

lol ok - at least I tried my 2 cents. :wink:
I must admit that I’m not a texture paint expert either. :-?