Is the type writer addon a virus?

The title.

What ‘type writer addon’ ?

Please explain yourself

Are you trolling or spamming?

Use some common sense.
More info! Why? How? Where? What?

No I just want to know if this addon is a virus.

From that youtube channel I would say no. Why would you think so ?
If you have the addon then open it in a text editor to see if there is anything suspicious

…:eyebrowlift2:… care to explain why are you assuming, questioning if is a virus? Have you scanned it?
Sooner or later you’ll start to notice (more & more) that much of free & open code is considered a threat.

Scanned with Eset NOD32 - both scans completed successfully (0 threat):

  1. Blender Typewriter Addon2. typewriter from Bassam Kurdali / blender-addon-experiments

You also have online virus scan tools at your disposal :stuck_out_tongue:
Anything else?

It’s most likely Chrome warning him about .py files being dangerous.