Is the VSE limited to 32 strips?

See title. I can’t seem to go above 32 strips (I mean as in layers – at any one point in time, I may have a few image overlays and several audio effects) – is there a hard limit at 32?

Because I know this will be asked – I mean 32 strips north to south

I believe it is unlimited. Try allowing the VSE to use more ram

Well – I can guarantee it’s not a RAM thing…

Hmmm, what happens if you collapse all that into a Meta strip?

What happens if you cache all that audio? maybe Blender can’t cope with so many audio files to playback. Perhaps you could do a mixdown (see scene tab) and mute all those strips.

This is actually a very good idea – but the reason for this thread is more of an aesthetic thing – I like to put my image strips in the lower channels – sound effects in the middle channels – music and ambiance in the upper channels – and vocals in the top channels – its nice to put a few channels of gaps in between. its not that I am actually using 32 channels at any one time. So I was just curious if this was a hard code or a setting somewhere.