Is the World Origin always 0,0,0?

When I go to Object -> Snap -> Cursor to World Origin, is the World Origin always 0,0,0? Or is there a way to change the value of the world origin?

Nope world origin is always 0,0,0 as it should be, not just for Blendre, but for things like exports to Unreal, which expects the mesh to be located at 0,0,0 as world centre. That’s not to say you can’t have an object with it’s origin elsewhere or assing say an empty as the point at which you work from, then just set the cursor there if you want to specifically build something at a given location.

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Thank you, @colkai. Not that I wanted to change the world origin, but I wanted to confirm that the world origin will always be 0,0,0 and not assume that was the case.

Yep, it’s one of those immutable things. :slight_smile:

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