Is the XPS 17 9710 64gb intel i7 processor laptop good for 3D modeling and rendering on blender?

I’m getting this one:

I need it for school and getting a job in the future. It also has a touch pad which I need to sculpt
My current laptop is much less powerful and cant render anything really.

Do you guys think this one is good enough?

So long as you can accept that the thermal limits of a laptop are different from a desktop then I think it’s fine.

Note that going with the 16:10 “FullHD” monitor would save you ~400 $, I recon that is a significant difference for a student. That is close to the difference in price going from 16 to 64 gb of memory right there.

It is an old model with 10th generation Intel instead of 11th and 2060 card instead of 3060.
And too expensive.

Go to a good forum like and ask for advice. Also check