is the yafaray renderer dead again??

very fast the renderer

don’t think so - the released v1 some month ago and it works fine.

SSS and some other features are still missing but it is quite a complete

You even can have blend materials / multi layered materials.

Yesterday we renewed the domain for three years, and we have also registered for the same amount of time.

Alvaro - nice work on everything.

There are still sometimes some hick ups with the OS X Port and Python but in general the render engine works fine and fast.

Any idea about when maybe SSS could be integrated?

Otherwise Yafaray seems to have everything you need
besides storing the GI maps.


There are many people seriously committed to keep the yafray project alive, but eventually few of us have knowledge or time enough to develop and maintain a GI raytracer.

That’s why the development pace of these small projects is irregular. The YafRay project so far has always bounced back from these stalls, many other projects can’t recover and die.

We are alive, we have a brand new source code thanks to Lynx3D, soon a new CMS site (I hope) and a very strong competition which I salute. It is a much better situation than two years ago.

Alvaro, make sure you check out the silverstripe CMS, it’s really nice (

are you talkinga about Yafray or Yafaray?

is Yafray going to be with 2.5 version or gone and replaced with yafaray
or another one?

and if yafray stays is it going to be getting more powerfull that what it is right now?