Is their a way to display modifiers on objects in vertex paint mode?

Can i apply a modifier and without applying the modifier , still paint onto the modified object?

e.g An object with a multires Modifier of level 7 being painted on in vertex mode without the multires being applied first

UV unwrap your object at the lowest subdivision level then at your highest multires modifier level you can use texture painting directly onto your object.

I don’t completely understand the logic , i go to my object currently at level 7 subdivision but not applied and go to vertex paint mode although it shows it as its raw form without the subdivision and i can paint directly onto the object although i cannot paint detailed bits. When i apply the multires my object is now fully detailed although my system lags when i paint in vertex paint mode because my objects subdivision is so high. I cant put the multires levels down because i lose most of the details completely. I tried to unwrap at a lower level but nothing happens in the UV image editor and i don’t understand why i even need to unwrap in the first place if i can paint directly onto the model already?

Why do you want to use vertex paint ? You’d need to have ‘real’ vertices meaning applying the modifier which would mean having huge numbers of vertices, hence slow performance.
You’ll need to uv unwrap so you can then texture paint directly onto an image texture via the 3d view.
Lots of video tutorials including texture painting here

Sorry im new to Blender.

Thanx ill check it out

I took a look at the UV Mapping but i don’t understand how it will help my case as i want to paint directly onto my models mouth and eyes and in the 3D viewer mode . The UV mapping tutorial are all about adding a texture to the whole object whereas id like to just color in the lips and finer details myself with the paint tools and vertex paint is the only way i see that works, The only problem is that my workflow is impeded but the large amounts of vertex subdivision and its literally impossible to color in the details with such a great lag and when i try to lower the subdivision levels i lose my details such as the lips completely and have no more details to paint on so i have a bit of a predicament and i cannot seem to understand how UV unwrapping and the like with aid in reducing the workflow in order for me to paint my model?

Can someone please explain this to me or help me find a way to paint my model without lag?

Ive been struggling with this for 2 straight days now and have tried all that i can think of including shrink wrapping duplicates which i still lose too much detail so any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance and sorry for all the trouble

Here’s a very quick demo of texture painting on an object with a multires modifier

A cube has been added and uv unwrapped
A texture has been added in the uv image editor and saved to disk
This texture has been added to the objects material, mapped to UV coordinates and set to affect the objects colour. The material has been set to shadeless to show better in the video.
A multires modifier has been added to it and subdivided
Go into textre paint mode and paint, either in the 3d view or in the image editor wndow.

Also see this tutorial

At the beginning of that video that you made with the block and the sphere, how did you UV unwrap it and then in texture mode still retain the circular shape to paint on , when i unwrap the image in edit mode with the multires not applied i get just a white plane in my UV image editor so i UV unwrap with a smart project and get the proper UV image then when i go into texture mode i still have the block and not the circle and even when i try paint the block in the texture paint mode doesn’t even go onto the model?

would it help if i posted a video of my attempt and show you whats happening with my model?

Oh wait I get why i couldn’t paint on the model in texture mode after unwrapping ( it was because i hadn’t saved the UV mapping) but i still don’t understand why my model doesn’t show up in textured mode as a circle( but as the square) although it does in your video?

Never mind i fixed it thanks so much dude

u rock!!

soz for all the trouble