is there 2 types of topology

I have been studying about typology and it’s flow the past couple of days . I know adding a loop cut can also make things straight so it’s better to move around the vertices after the loop cut in human modeling.

but in cars and buildings and such, the topology seems larger and less detail. Long quads that are straight in a line going either up,down,sideways. were in human modeling, there is loops, poles , 5 star and ngons. and certain flows.

here are couple of images I found on google of what i mean.

because i was learning these long quads like in this airplane picture and car door, I notice that was my issues with my displacement quads were to long no matter how many loop cuts I put in and bumped up my normalmap.

so does hard surface modeling basically have straight quads with loop cuts at corners were in things such as animals people and so on have certain flows to map the muscle curvature?

a face is very “mobile” so needs a really good edge flow to deform well
a car door is going to move much unless you plan on crashing it :wink: then you need more geometry
hope that’s helped

if you are using UV map normally you try to use squarrish faces
easier when you unwrap and less distortion
but also very useful for deforming during animation.

it also makes the topo look better
for mechanical non deforming mesh it is not as important
only shading might be affected but easy to correct it

subsurf helps to get more rounded edges In any case

happy bl