Is there a .3ds import script?

Hi, I’m a newbie. :frowning:

I’m searching for a 3ds importing script that supports also texture.

I tried to use 3dwin to convert .3ds file in vrlm1 file but when I load vrlm1 file in blender texture are missing. :frowning:

Pheraps vrlm1 format doesn’t support texture but only surface solid tint?

I’m sorry for my english, I’m italian. :expressionless:



Hello and welcome

Just look at the top of the forum, you’ll see a New script list thread with many importers/exporters


Thanks, I read that thread but it seems there aren’t import 3ds with texture.

I’ve found an import 3ds script that declares to be able to import also texture but there is an error (or pheraps I mistaked something because I’ve not experience)

I wish find new version of that script or more infos.
That script start in this way:

#//////////////////////////////////// IMPORT3DS /////////////////////////////////*
#///// VERSION: 0.6
#///// AUTHOR: Federico B. 2003 - [email protected]
#///// WEB:
#///// Thanks to for the 42 tutorial and to its author
#///// (wich this work is based on) and to
#///// Thanks to Reevan Mckay for his scritp full of usefull info.
#///// Last but not least thanks to and his comunity for his support and help
#///// REQUIRMENTS: Python full istallation (
#///// DO: The Script now import 3d mesh, material, textures and textures coords,
#///// light and camera supp. The stout is logged in a file blende_out.txt in the
#///// blender dir :wink:
#///// TODO: Add keyframe support etc…
#///// LICENSE: The script is under GPL and feel free to use it but remember that
#///// 3ds file format is covered by its own license.
#//////////////////////////////////// IMPORT3DS /////////////////////////////////*

import array

Unfortunately web site is not more active. :frowning:

Do you recognize this script?



Hi paolone this is the new script version 0.9

Home page

Wow, thanks. :smiley: