Is There A Batch Baker That Can Render each job To The Same Image Without Clearing?

(benthegreater) #1

I’m having a hard time with batch bakers. I have a model made of several low poly objects, each with a high poly counterpart and a cage for baking. Now, I have the UVs all laid out so they can reference one single image via an atlas layout. My problem is that I can’t find a batch baking addon that can both utilize cages for the bakes for each job, but also render to a specified target image without clearing it after every job in the queue completes. Any wisdom out there? Or am I cursed to baking each hi/low/cage group individually every time?

(polygonsoul) #2

Don´t know if I am on the right track, but in the bake panel under the margin in px there is a checkbox named ´clear´, it is checked by default to clear the image before re-bake, so should be unchecked for your atlas.