Is there a better way to lots of Grass?

I’m just wondering, is there a way to make several planes of grass seem as if they’re one?

I’m having to make my scene extremely small with 50000+ particles just to get it right. But I know there has to be somewhat not easier, but better way. At least so I can add hills and such. I’ve tried using the sculpt tool, that works pretty well. Along with making the plane a softbody, that also produced some interesting results. But all the same, they were all very small in the end.

A perfect example I saw is from promotion studios,

Any ideas?

You can use card grass, this means having a bunch of camera aligned planes UVmapped with a texture of grass.

Huh, I didn’t know that. Thanks, But I was more aimed for a way with particles so I could change the direction and fiddle with materials. I like to fiddle a lot.

Any new SVN build has adaptive strand rendering, this way you can set how much of an angle and how long the strand must go before a new section is added. Download an SVN build, turn on adaptive rendering, and set pixel length to max.

Thanks. I’ll have to do that.