Is there a better way to rig this biped?

So here’s my little model I made

I’m trying to rig it so I can make some nice animations for it, however, nothing I do seems to work with the model. I’m not sure if it’s the awkward knife-fingers, or the awkward body shape in general that doesn’t seem to go very well with the armature bones.

Using the ‘regular’ way of rigging(or at least what every youtube tutorial shows me) does some pretty funky stuff. I tried going into edit mode on the mesh then selecting everything and pressed ctrl+N. That didn’t help at all.

Any tutorials you could link me, or any help at all is greatly appreciated.


from what I see your mesh is not correctly bound to the armature. You’d have to go in weight paint mode and make sure the hand is influenced by the hand bone, the thigh by the thigh bone, etc.


I actually came back and fixed it with weight painting.
I’ve got some great animations on it and the armature is working with it perfectly.

I’ll bet weight painting looks a lot less complex now you’ve done it a bit. :smiley: (PS: lots of Blender features are that way. Don’t be afraid to just jump in and get your feet wet.)