Is there a better way to rig this landing gear?

I have something that is barely workable right now, so I thought I’d run it by the experts to see if there are any easy ways to improve the rigging here.

The first part is this ‘shock absorber’ piston thing. The little hinged brace on the side is wonky as hell. Each of those bones is tracking to the tail of the other one, which is probably why you get that noticeable lag and separation. I also haven’t been able to get the tracking constraints to work when I use local reference instead of world. They just go pointing off in crazy places.

The second part is the actual pad, which is meant to adjust to the surface its landed on, so it can rock side to side and front and back. Unfortunately, the best I could come up with is two separate bones for this, since the little block in the center doesn’t rotate side to side, but does rotate forward and back.

Blend file:

Yeah man. It’s called inverse kinematics.


Thank you! This is much better already.

I also managed to improve the second part, by creating a control bone for the landing pad, which the two individual bones track to.