Is there a better way - two loops, scaling toward Y

To achieve a result of this 16 times.
I’m creating 2 new loop cuts, want them scaled in along Y (pivot median), but it deforms as shown in the inline image.

I know i can individually gg - edgeslide and slide x units.
I know i can make more edge loops than i need and gg slide the ones away i dont want and remove duplicates.

However, is there a better way without the extra steps operations above?
Its not the end of the world but will speed up future workflows :slight_smile:

Desired end state.



Don’t add two. Add one and bevel that. Or, could add the one cut and offset edge slide it, which also allows to even out the edges along a chosen edge.

Ctrl+B for bevel, ctrl+shift+R for offset edge slide.

As workflow goes, could do all 16 in one go with good selections and subdividing edge rings, instead of loop cutting 16 times.

CTRL+B it is.

Thank you so much!