Is there a "bluprints" addon/extension when importing other models into your main scene?

Lets say I am working on a main scene and I have made other models and saved them in a complete separate file. If I import the other models into my main modelling scene, and suddenly I want to make a change to one of the models, I wish to be able to modify the model from the original file and then it automatically updates in the main scene.

Is it possible to some how achieve this, is there some extension/addon for this or something?

Have you tried linking objects :wink:

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Wow very interesting mate =D

Are these libraries just normal blend files or does it have to be created differently?

They are just normal files. Nothing special needs to be done.

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Hey bro, I am using your suggested video, it seems to work fine which is great, but the only problem I seem to have is that if I have two files open, one is the library and one is the main fike, if I make an edit to the library file then if I save it, the main file does not update unless if I close out of it and open it again and it is kinda annoying.

Is there a way to dynamically automatically update it in the main file without having to close and open it again?

Sure. Should’ve mentioned it before. Here’s how I do it (there may be much easier way). In the outliner choose Blend File, at the bottom there will be all linked files, right click - Reload. You can also assign shortcut or add to Quick Favorites, if you don’t want to have that tab open.

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Thanks mate =D

sorry mate but another problem, if I move my main project to another directory, all of the linked objects disappear but is still there in the “scene collection”


How would I re-link this, been trying to find a way mate?

Just found it, its what you said before but right clicking and relocate.

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Just marked your post as spam mate :slight_smile: