is there a bridge function

Hello, I am Big John, I am new to blender, and was wondering if there is a bridge function like in wings 3d, where you would select 2 faces, and connect them? I looked through the list of hot keys and a few tutorials, and haven’t seen any.


Try the Skin Faces/Edge Loops option when you select some edges and press F - it might be what you’re after, but I can’t promise because I don’t use Wings.

Yes, as rawpigeon suggests, the ‘F’ key is what you want.

Try the following experiment. Create a cube primitive, then create another separated from the first by a couple of cube widths. In Object mode, select both and, from the Object pop-up menu, use Join Objects to make them one mesh. Switch to edit mode and face select mode. Now select the right-most face of the left cube and the left-most face of the right cube. Press the ‘F’ key and, from the pop-up menu, select Skin Faces/Edge-Loops and press [Enter]. 'Just like Bridge in Wings3D!