Is there a build for windows with python integrated?

hello all,

is there a build for windows in which python is integrated? i mean where i dont really need to install python on the computer just so i could export/import some file types.


If you don’t want to install python and keep it installed on your machine you could install it, copy the installed python files and folders over to a USB flash drive and then uninstall python from your machine. Then simply plug the USB drive in when you do want to use it, you’ll need to set your python path in blender to your removable drive and generally you’ll always get the same drive letter each time. Just an idea.

thanks yellow!

but how do i set the python path to my choice path?

I copy the contents of C:/Python into Blenders folder & it is fully portable.


tried your suggestion, and it worked! thanks!

btw, what is the python25 zipped folder in the blender folder? i tried unzipping it and placing the content of python inside but it was not found by blender

and other thing i would like to ask is why is python 2.6 not recognized by blender2.47?

Blender only finds the version of Python it is compiled with.
So Python 2.6 won’t work until it is used for dev.

the file in Blender is used internally by Blender.

I’m glad my trick worked, it’s too easy once you know how.
You can use this method to embed older versions of Blender with older Python without having multiple python installs.

thanks again Meta-Androcto!

@stanmarsh Interesting I assumed you didn’t want Python installed because you may have considered it an unnecessary security risk or that you we’re tight for disk space. :slight_smile: