Is there a "color swatch" widget?

I’m sure that this has been asked before, but right now I’d like to have an “always on top” panel where I can quickly add a palette of colors, then choose the color that I want by clicking on it. Say, I want to change a background color and the color-wheel picker appears, but instead of clicking on that panel I click on a particular swatch – immediately transferring the selected color-value to that picker.

Other tools implement this, and I find it very useful. But, did Blender ever do it?

Nope, but you might be able to make an addon do this, though I have never seen one.

seen same question at beginning of 2.5 and not much up to now !

would be nice to have some up date on the color picker

may be ask this feature for 2.8 !

happy bl

I really miss a good color picker with color swatches. I done swatches in photoshop and saved as a png and then load that image in the uv/image editor and pick from there. Not perfect but works for now until someone do a real color picker for blender.

I found a workaround that works quite good, using the palette in texture paint.


Nice solution!