is there a different skin or graphic mode?

i think my graphic chip/card is the problem, the screen flashes a lot.
pointer flashes, hold it over a button and that text appears but the pointer “block” around it sometimes blocks the view and i dont see what it says, areas get blocked out, appear disappear appear.

i thought i read something about this in the beginning of installation but didnt it say something about an option of some setting for the skin or color to change? im not sure will it help but its worth a try if it exist.


Blender uses OpenGL, hence your graphic card must have a good implementation of it.

Looks like this might be the issue


yes, that thread exactly FLigh

but his problem is probably the cursor shadow one there in part, and a not-too-great graphics card in part as well

ok… i pretty much know that my graphic card stinks… but when i turned off the curser shadow, the “block” around the pointer still exist when pointed over text or stuff…

im just going to assume its all graphic card…