Is there a direct fund just for blender game engine development?

Just wondering whether there is a fund i can directly support to specifically enhance/develop the game engine?
The engine does heaps of awesome stuff and if i generate future income from games created in it i would like to know where i can fund its development?
if there isn’t one, why? and will there ever be one?

As far as I know, there is no fund, but it doesn’t really matter, because you can’t really buy an active developer community.

I disagree. More money means that the people who love working on the game engine could potentially do it as their job, and more people could be hired to work with them.

I would love to be able to donate to the game engine team…It’s really the only part of Blender I really use, and I think the game engine isn’t exactly the foundation’s number one priority at the moment :confused:

I have intended on generating a constant trickle of ad revenue, with project wrectified, but it is still demo pre-beta , It is finally looking not so far away now, as we have most of the systems done coding wise.

If we can get enough games generating a trickle, it can add up to a torrent.

We should ask Ton if he can set up a pay-pal for the bge, and if we get enough funding by x day, initiate a full time dev.

A kickstarter for BGE? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously why not? People would donate if the kickstarter had some interesting purposes like adding atleast BI rendering features in the BGE.

Yea I agree, that would be a great opportunity to support exspecially the game engine!

Do what? Pay down the enormous technical debt that accumulated over the years?

Even if anyone could/would, it’s probably cheaper/easier to buy a well established engine, and integrate that into blender.

and more people could be hired to work with them.

Software development is very much a quality over quantity kind of thing, so simply getting “more people” is not going to help.

I have always wanted the bge features like logic python etc, with quake engine… as this would be much faster, correct? Linked with blender just like the bge,

Perhaps looking at the current game engine as an “enormous technical debt” is why it’s so shunned… I see it as a sculpture that just needs a lot of help being a masterpiece, and Blender offers more freedom than most game engines with all (most) of the tools needed to create an entire game.
I entirely understand that in the programming field, it is quality over quantity, however what I intended was that more people who have those qualities required could help the project move forward.

I fully agree and think many of the developers adding features to blender game engine should be paid for their hard work.

Software development is very much a quality over quantity kind of thing, so simply getting “more people” is not going to help.

I disagree, like Andrew price said the bigger the user base/audience the more potential donations can be made and blender development will increase due to there being funds available to support the current developers and bring more developers to the project.

Currently there isn’t a fund at all meaning current developers have to use their own time to develop the software voluntarily while the paid developers work on cycles and other aspects of blender that don’t usually include the game engine.

Knowing you can put your money somewhere where it will help improve the game engine and not just Blender as a whole (mainly cycles development) would be nice.

I don’t see the blender development fund particularly being used for cycles development

Typically, such people are not motivated by money.

There’s still development going on, even after the GSoC period. For example, Moguri just today committed a massive code cleaning effort that removes a lot of messy code from the BGE core and thus should make for easier development of new features and functionality.

Singletexture mode is now history as well, the tricky thing with offering money to people to develop the BGE is whether they would still be around to maintain their development if the money ran out or they met their quota required by the funding.

I am not sure about this, but last I heard, good coders converted money into coffee, and then transmuted it into code… the thing is they do like to have the lights on and yummi snacky treats.

Well, you say it would be “cheaper/easier to buy a well established engine”, which is developed by people who are paid because they need money to live

^ This. <3 ^.^

Just because someone needs money, doesn’t mean that they’re motivated by money. For example: An extraordinary programmer would have their pick of places to work, all of which pay handsomely, so a variation in salary wouldn’t really factor into their decision. Instead, they would ask: “Would I get to work with equally talented people, doing interesting work, on beautiful code?”.

So, even if you could raise enough money to actually match, or raise their existing salary, your chances of attracting someone really good are slim to none, because money is all you have.

So your suggesting we don’t make a fund to benefit the developers? or any programmer that will be willing to implement new features or stabilize code? We simply keep our extra profits and don’t give back to the community?
The need for me here is to be able give back to the GE in the future and the way i see best is through a fund for its development.

Even if we don’t fund a new developer i would be more than happy to have my funds go to a current developer who is fixing stuff as a hobby voluntarily

Your practically arguing that money doesn’t make the world go around, which to a small moral point of view could be true however lets look at the facts:
-currently we have no funds, voluntarily based developers
-if we have a fund we can have a “slim” chance of getting new people into developing the game engine instead of no chance at all.

Again i still don’t see how this will have a negative effect on the GE or its developers.

No, I’m suggesting that a “fund” wouldn’t really change the state of BGE development, because fundamentally, it’s not a money issue.

That said: If you feel compelled to give someone money, feel free to do so.