Is there a easy way to code a lopsided sphere

I have a item, that I want to use a capsule collision bounds, but I
want to simulate one side being heavier,

Like weebles wobble but they don’t fall down…

I have “robot arms” and they just look silly if the heavy end points up.

I only need a tiny force…

The objects in question are labeled “arm computer”
and fall off the robot if you press Q


Powerandtargetpassing.blend (1.22 MB)

The center of mass is located at the object’s origin, so all you have to do is move the origin (using ctrl+alt+shift+C in object mode) to wherever you want the center of mass to be.

The object is a empty, and is using a sphere/capsule bounds,

I need the center to be the center of the object, and the center of mass to be offset,

I guess I can remake it and delete the empty and add my own mesh…

Sorry, but you can’t have both. Why do you need the origin to be at the center of the object? If you really need to, you can just keep track of where the center of the object is separately.

if you mean that the pieces fall too slow when oress Q is because there too many air friction
“translation” in physic panel

to me seem better keep the value as default(near to zero) then change shape in a box more little(must simulate the arms tha here much more little) and choosing box as shape collision