Is there a element "library" / "repository"?

Is there is a tool inside blender where I can edit models and then put them in a kind of “library”? Then when I create a new blender file, I take the models (which I had previously created and put in the “library”) and put them in my new file.

I want this as I work with a set of basic models which I then use to create a scene. The scene is made only from these basec models.

I have looked at the manual but I couldn’t find anything similar.

(I asked the same question at the forum but I got no answer so far.)

In blender, any blend file can be used as a “Library”. All you have to do is Link or append your object into the new scene file depending on what you want to do.

Linking = lets you edit object, material, scene, lights, camera etc in the “Library” file and it will get updated in new scene file you are creating.

Append = lets you just bring said object, material, scene, lights, camera etc into new scene you are creating.

Here are instructions for Linking and appending from blend files:

There’s also a great Library script by Mariano Hidalgo, that puts a friendly interface on this appending system. You can get it directly from uselessdreamer. The author has a good article/tutorial on the script in Blenderart Magazine Issue 5. I’m sure Dreamsgate has seen this magazine :).

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Who me, I might have seen an issue or two :smiley:

And he is right, that is an amazing script. Well worth checking out. My bad, I spaced it, blame it on the fact that I don’t use alot of scripts, although I seem to download every single one that gets written.:stuck_out_tongue: