Is There A Feature That Lets One Determine the Scale?

I now have “Blender for Dummies,” which allows me to make sense of this very complex 3-D rendering software, and am zipping along. However, I’d like to find out if there’s a feature that lets one determine the scale. Say, if I were designing a house and needed 8’-high ceilings… I see no virtual ruler; nor does the book seem to list anything as far as I can tell.

Select object and you can see its dimensions in the properties panel (shortcut N).
You can set the blender units to Metric, Imperials or just arbitrary blender units

The top left corner of the 3d view also shows the size of each current grid unit


In addition to Richard’s comment, if (while in Edit mode) you look in the Mesh Display panel of the 3D View’s Properties region, there’s a section labeled “Numerics”. Enable the Edge Length check box and you can see the length of any selected edge in the 3D View. As an additional bonus, if you choose Metric or Imperial units, the edge length value will include indicators of meters or feet, respectively.

Fweeb, that’s so useful. I’ve been using Blender for over 6 years and didn’t know about this! Thanks a ton!

Thanks! I’ll see if this works. For some reason, “N” doesn’t seem to be a shortcut key for anything, though. Am I missing a step?

Thanks! I’ll look for that feature next chance I get.

There’s also a measure addon that you might like, incidentally i just posted up not too long ago an introduction to blender for maya users, but really anyone can use it to get started.

Here’s the section on measuring…

Hope that’s of some use. :slight_smile:

Sweet! Thanks for pointing this out, Fweeb. Two years I’ve been learning Blender and I hadn’t noticed that.

Make sure your mouse pointer is over the 3D View when you hit ‘n’ or nothing will happen. Same with ‘t’ for the 3D View’s Tool panel.