Is there a Free Ray Tracer I can use commercially?

(Phrangkk) #1

I’ve been looking around at all of the ray tracers for use at my work, along with blender, of course, and most seem to restrict use to “non-commercial” applications.
I could be wrong, but I think POV is not restricted.
Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions as to where I should head next?

I just tried out the new Blender/Lightflow interface by Eeshlo.
It’s amazing, really what I hope Blender will become someday.

Thanks for any thoughts!

(PowerMacG4) #2

I would look into 3Delight.
I can’t find anything stopping one from using it to make commercial stuff.
But its Renderman Based, and rocks with Blenderman.

(eeshlo) #3

Not fully developped yet and not really ready for big renderprojects, but there is also Yafray:

Now that I have finished the LF script, I am now working on Yafray development again. There are also several export scripts, you can find one by me on the site, but there is also a new and better export script created by Andera available here:

(Tobur) #4

Hi there,

you might want to take a look at Aqsis ( which is free and also open source! It’s also another Renderman compilant.


(Phrangkk) #5

thanks for all the feedback!
I’ve looked at yafray and 3delight.
can anyone tell me if either of these have export scripts that support UV mapping?

(PowerMacG4) #6

From the notes in I read in BlenderMan Script it should support UV mapping for for 3Delight.

(Riskbreaker) #7

About 3Delight,

Does anyone know about a GUI for it? I know theres one for Mac, but I want one for Win. I hate command lines…/me shudders

(Phrangkk) #8

the blenderman exporter is a gui of sorts
but not very functional beyond the export.
I do like that it renders upon export so you don’t have to open 3delight manually
I think I’m leaning back towards POV/Mega-POV.

(thatbrikwal) #9

i don’t think you’re supposed to used 3delight for commercial applications… a pity too since it is really incredible…

3Delight is available free of charge. It will continue to be so for non-commercial applications, including with additional features and enhancements, but we may release a commercial version. There are no firm plans for that yet, and, as of August 2002, it is not likely to happen in the next 12 months.

(Phrangkk) #10

in reading the software license agreement:

"3Delight release 0.9.6 is free. This means there is no charge to download and run it. This software is not in the public domain. If you would like to do something with 3Delight this license agreement prohibits (such as distributing it commercially), please contact us at [email protected]. "

I think non-commercial refers to not being able to sell the software itself.

Any copyright lawyers want to tackle this one?