Is there a good blender compilation?

I’m giving a talk about Blender and what it can do.

Does anyone know of an edited showreel/compilation that shows off blender at its best?

It would be great to have a short cut that included clips of all the best blender animations. If not, are there any suggestions for what to inlude and I’ll cut one myself (and post it up if everyone is happy).

you can take a look at yafaray gallery
or some excellent videoes on vimeo
on a simple search there

big buck bunny

and so on and so forth :slight_smile:
Although some may need permissions.

i would use BBB, then go through some of the files.
Also you could show the Yo Frankie game.

Then maybe have some fun with the Mancandy rig.
There’s plenty out there!

Another couple

Blender Siggraph 2006 Demo Reel
Blender Magic Fluid Simulation

Thanks for the link to the Siggraph 2006 reel. That’s exactly the sort of thing I’m after but a bit old. Do you know if there’s a more recent one?

I saw a thread calling for clips but can’t find the finished article online anywhere.

Of course, there’s no shortage of superb blender animations around, but it would be great to have a short snappy compilation that gave an idea of the quality and breadth blender is capable of.

Some more recent examples
The 2007 Suzanne Awards Nominations
The 2008 Suzanne Awards Nominations
I’m not aware of a more recent Siggraph demo reel.


I would show stuff from Venom’s Lab and Creature Factory for sure. It is so great to see a great artist working perfectly in Blender! People with a background in other 3d apps will instantly recognise the potential Blender gives - besides BBB, Elephants Dream, Yo Frankie, … :wink: