Is there a history function that lets you look at modifiers you've applied?

I’ve been working on a outfit for a character from RWBY, and I messed up somewhere after using the Solidify modifer. So is there some kind of history function that I can use to remove the solidify modifier and start over from there? I’ve found that the only other solution I can think of is manually selecting the outer faces created from using solidify and deleting them so I can go back to the original object.

You should be able to just to just go to the undo history and then select the step before the modifier application (Warning; Blender’s undo can be quite slow to execute on large scenes).

You cannot selectively undo an action. You can press F3 to show the history and there are other options in the toolshelf under the ‘History’ tab.
As said above, it can be quite flakey, save and save often

As long as you don’t press the “apply” button on the modifier, you should be able to remove the modifier itself from the stack. Don’t apply modifiers if there’s no perfctly good reason for doing so. I guess you know this but I’ve seen a lot of confusion caused by users saying they applied a modifier when they really just added it to the mesh. In Blender adding =/= applying. So I hope you only added it and can still remove it.