Is there a lag time between posting and and the ability to view it?

I was replying back to someone on a post I started, and I added pictures in the reply. I went back to view it and did not see it, so I sent the reply again. I noticed in my E-mail that someone had commented on my pictures so I went to my post, only to find out that I had double posted my reply. Now after reading the comments I put together a rather long reply and added 3 more screen shots. Now when I go back hours later I do not see my reply and I do not want to double post. I see the initial post title and the number of attachments seems right at 9, 3 each x 2 for my double post + 3 for my last reply, but I still do not see my reply. What’s going on?


Hi dhodges38,

Currently we discover a problem with our anti-spam-filter.
Until this is fixed all posts from new users has to be approved by a moderator. As moderation is not a 24x7 job it can take a while until the posts are reviewed.

Our admins are working on that.

Thanks for your patience

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Hi: Monster,

Thank’s for the reply. I did not get a e-mail notification on the 26th informing me of your reply. As I am so new to this site and Blender, I don’t know how everything here works just yet. ie. e-mail notifications, time lag for viewing posts and a multitude of other things I haven’t thought of. I am quite sure I will be back here as my learning experience continues. Keep up the good work it is appreciated.

                             Thank's again,

I just posted and hit Post Quick Reply then it said sign in, something about timed out I don’t know if that went through.


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