Is there a "learn as you go" tutorial series?

I have been plowing through Neal Hirsig’s tutorials for Blender, and while they are excellent, they are exactly like almost every other tutorial series for Blender. That is in most of them, they take you through the interface and each feature. For me that gets boring after a while. The best way to learn something is to use it. The best way to learn Blender is to model. You are not modeling when all you are doing is watching someone tell you about some aspect of the program. And yes, Hirsig has provided some nice .pdf files where you build something. But I am looking for a video, as I need that audio, video and kinesthetic process to learn.

I have found only one course that is even remotely like what I am looking for. That is Nature Academy’s 13 week course. But I would like more options. Like building the assets for a game level in Unity, the UDK or CryENGINE. Or even building a game with Blender. Or maybe building a castle in Blender. I am drawn more to architecture than animation or nature.

Are there any “learn as you go” series for the 2.5+ versions of Blender with a focus on building something? Maybe you have to have the basics down first, which I do. But something that takes you through building a level or a castle or something? I would like to develop my Blender skills, and learn the more advanced stuff about the program, using a method like this which will hold my interest.

If you know of anything, could you post details and links?

Thank you.

If you want to learn, the application used is pretty unimportant. Learn the concepts and then you can apply those to any 3d application and any scenario

How I learned is that I simply used the software and took random tutorials. That’s my two cents.

The first thing that came to mind when I looked at your thread subject was “find a reference photo & start a new WIP thread.” This has been helpful for me in the past. :slight_smile:

I am pretty new to blender myself and i have just started to find some tutorials and just experimenting with it. I think having a new wip thread would be a great idea which I may start in a few days.

best way to learn to model is to learn the basics, then just find something your interested in and take a crack at it. Google anything you don’t know, and if you can find a tutorial similar to what your doing, watch it and then go back to your project to see if you can apply what you learned. Google is incredibly helpful for learning. and reminding yourself how to do something you haven’t had to do in a while. just type “blender, how to (what ever you need to know)” usually wont be disappointed. but you do need to watch enough basic tutorials that you know whats going on at least at an intellectual level so you know the right questions to ask to find information.

and if all else fails, post here and someone will help you out!

Thank you for the links and suggestions.

Only found the CG Master stuff useful. Those last 3 links, 3D Palace on down, have little or nothing for Blender. They support the use of Photoshop over Gimp, 3DS Max or Maya over Blender, and other “industry standard” tools that are only industry standard because everyone in the industry has been told they are industry standard.

These programs are what was probably taught in their expensive college courses or specialized schools. They are what are taught by everyone from 3D Buzz to Eat 3D. You want a video series that shows you how to make textures in Gimp, models in Blender, and construct a level in a free application like Unity 3D, the UDK or CryENGINE? Good luck, and tough s_t if you don’t like it. It is really amazing how easy it is to purchase the label of industry standard and make everyone buy into it.

Sorry about the rant. It’s just that when I started over a decade ago Blender looked like something aliens from another world created. Video tutorials were non-existent. Made it easy to go to “industry standard” 3DS Max and learn that. To my detriment, because when Blender and Gimp finally shaped up, I had to start all over again in my learning process. If these teaching places like 3D Buzz, Eat 3D, 3D Palace and so on had videos for Blender that were just as good as the stuff for Max I wouldn’t be struggling today.

I guess I was just hoping that someone, finally, after all these years, did something using these excellent free tools, and none of the “industry standard” stuff, or anything with a price tag attached. Outside of CG Master so far I am not seeing anything. Disappointing. Especially considering Blender and Gimp are now just as good, and in many ways better, than Max/Maya and Photoshop.

I recommend you get the Neal Hirsig stuff:

In your case that is perfect. All you have to do when you get stuck is figure out what feature or function it is you were using, watch the related video, and you will know what to do.

I am not very active here or at my blog:

As it is in transition as I build a website for myself. But you may be able to contact me through my blog, or through Google+, or through here, if you have a question. One thing I am really good at is finding solutions to problems.

So far, in my limited experience, the folk in these forums are very helpful and supportive. They are willing to try and help at least. So don’t be afraid to say, in your WIP threads, that, “Hey! I’m stuck on ____! Could you help me out?” You should get a reply from someone. Another course of action is Google. Say you are having trouble remembering how to bake a texture. Well the words, “bake texture blender” not in quotes should give you a billion responses, and this will work at YouTube as well.

These are the things i do when I get stuck or have a problem or am looking for advice from more experienced Blenderheads. Good luck on your work!

Hmm, well… The point of watching any and every tutorial you can on what you want to learn to do, is to apply the techniques. 3d modeling techniques are universal reguardless of software package. Your topology will be the same, the methods to get that topology will be the same. the only thing that will change is what the tools are called. Blender is an industry contender. its not quite up to the level of Maya or Max yet. but its so close that if its missing a feature, some user has probably uploaded a script somewhere that does it. Whats important about modeling is learning how, not learning the program. its art, you have to train yourself.

Have you tried out CG cookie? one membership will get you access to both blender cookie and unity cookie, if your interested in game development. failing that. Youtube is the next best alternative. there are literally thousands of free tutorial series on youtube covering blender, unity (and any kind of game you could want to make) gimp, you name it. tell me what your trying to learn and i might be able to point you in the right direction.

(btw, Gimp hasn’t “shaped up.”, its got a ways to go before you could call it competitive with photoshop. sad but true. Adobe is offering CC monthly subscription license for 9.99. makes people less inclined to support Gimp development when they could just do that instead and get it all)