Is there a library with most basic recipes for materials?

Is something like that exists? making models in blender is my hobby and I often have a long breaks between my projects so sometimes I forgot how do something

Do you mean procedurally generated or PBR?


The Material Library VX plugin that’s bundled with Blender (Edit → Preferences → Add-ons → Material: Material Library) has a fair number of sample procedural materials, from basic glass to galvanized steel to car paint to wood.

Though on second thought, while they’re “basic” in terms of presenting common materials, they’re not “basic” in terms of complexity. If you really want to understand procedural textures you’ll need to spend some time studying how they’re built from the ground up. The samples show you how something specific can be done, but without understanding the principles that might be more frustrating than enlightening. If you ever want a link to some good tutorials, just ask.

The BlenderKit add-on (also bundled with Blender) has lots of free PBR materials as well, aside from other assets.


…are enable in my blender… but never have seen it… :cold_sweat:
Thank you very much…

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BlenderKit actually has already over 5000 free materials, but it isn’t bundled anymore as suggested.
Find the addon at

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