is there a license "free to use and if improve must be shared after changes" ?

I have a nice model of a horse quality is pretty nice.
But i know on some areas it can still be improved, tail hair, or adding bones to it.
For the rest its nice done muscle’s etc. so its not something low poly.

I’d like to share the model but in such a way that people are free to use it, but if they improve upon the model they should share it on the same site too (thereby helping to get even higher quality free models). With some link to the original drawing.

I dont care much about my name referal since i dont use a real name on most sites for privacy concerns.

Any ideas on how, and where to share like that ?.

It seems to me that, in this case, you should simply offer your model to the public domain – or, perhaps, “creative commons, attribution.”

If you’re not seeking to make $$money$$ from your “model of a nice horse,” then maybe you simply want to share it.